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26 October 2010 @ 09:31 am
The last star..  
It's been a while since ive used this thing.. quite awkward really but its the first post of a line of many derived from my new laptop (my birthday present for this year)

A signal of my birthday is always that exams are around the corner & the usual cramming session begins trying to understand all this information SO quickly before the final exam hoping that you remember it on the day, writting endless reams of notes to not even possibly read, sitting in front of the computer typing out notes only not to realise that you will ever get to read it. Never making it to the practice exams if they are even present.

The presence of OMG im so screwed words floating around the wavelengths or that the stress of cramming is killing you is imminent, but how come some people more than others feel/experience such feelings? How do some seem so calm about exams while others dont? Maybe its the way we push ourselves, or our goals & what we are aiming to do. Or is it that we picture ourselves doing the exam, answering every question perfectly & finishing even early!

For me this exam is falling away, im drowning in the information feeling like im falling off a cliff into the edge. Not to make this worse, is the countless premieres of my favourite shows & the tossing between t.v. & study. Slumming on the couch for nights ahead is not the best idea during this time, and yet here i am sitting infront of the T.V. watching new Gossip Girl even though were a whole season behind!

So, before exams officially begin on Friday,
Goodbye & wishing myself luck :)

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