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12 June 2012 @ 06:41 pm
A little procastionating  

It's the day before my first exam and I find myself here because

1. im so bored of studying 

2. I haven't been on here for a while.

In terms of reaching my three goals for the year... it seems that they are not going to plan very well.

1. To be up to date with my studying and notes this semester - Well I guess that was not handled very well. White I did actually get to revising a lot earlier that previous semesters, I still was writing notes etc up till about 3 days ago for my first subject and am still going for my second. Barely studied for the second which is 4 days after the one tommorow. So for this one its definately a FAIL! With only one subject next semester - maybe I can be, but I feel like it would be cheating. Maybe it can extend to keeping track on assignments and projects as well. :) It would make it a little more difficult then.


2. Getting a job on my own: Well my last job was the election, a while back. Since then I did have a job working at Rivers in Chadstone but lost that one when the shop closed. A two month period - I would consider that a goal completed though im not currently working. I guess the goal will therefore continue on and have myself find a new job to work at during Christmas onwards.. ie. something a little more permanent.

GOAL SUCCESSFUL (but still continuing)

3. Meeting new people and hanging out more (instead of being home): Well that one also has flopped a little too. Started off well, and then after a string of events I have found myself home again. I think it could definately be better during holidays when there is not an issue with timetables, coordinating, assignmenting etc. The fact that i'm not at uni campus anymore makes it difficult to see people from other courses. We've been moved out to a little place elsewhere close to campus but do not have enough time to get there and back (30 min - is it worth it?)


Lets hope than in 12 months time, I fiind myself with the three goals being successful :) Wishing me luck in my exams, anyone?


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