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07 December 2010 @ 11:14 am
Bucket list update :)  
So Since creating the bucket list (earlier post), I have completed a couple of things from the list which i am quite proud of myself!!

1. I started watching a new show.. Rizzoli & Isles which i am quite enjoying atm. Two episodes in and it looks like something that im going to stay hooked on for a while.. and another show to stay round until the end.. :) 

2. I got my first HD for a university subject!! Its like the highest grade you can get but its from 80-100% so i may not seem so good. However considering the fact that this subject was the one that i didnt do anything throughout the whole semester and crammed just before final exams paid off. It might be my new study technique.. although for 4 subjects it may not be the best thing especially with anatomy and all the other scientific things that I must learn. :)