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09 November 2010 @ 10:55 am
The Bucket List  

Have finished my exams (*thank goodness*) so it means for the next 3 months I am offically free..!! I thought this should be one of the first things I do. 

I saw this meme on credit: <lj user ="madpyschogirl"> and thought it was so amazing so much so that I thought I would make my own one. It is a little like a bucket list consisting of things that I want to do  before I die,

If like this = completed

- Fall in love with someone
- Kiss someone in the rain
- Get married (*at some point in time)

- Not miss a lecture the whole semester 
- Get a Job besides my mum's place   VEC (election officer assistant) even though its only for one election
Get a job for at least a solid 2 months  Rivers Chadstone Jan 2012-March 2012  
- Get a job abroad
- Learn a new skill
- Get my first HD for any subject (Semester 2 , 2010 Food Chemistry)
- Start my career
- Not cram for my exams for one semester of subjects
- Not cram for subjects for all subjects till end of the course

- Go on a Road Trip 
- Swim in the sea 
- Visit the Beach 
- See all 50 states of America
- Vist a country on every contient besides Antartica: Asia- heaps, Africa- None, South America- None, North America- None, Australia- its where I live of course, Europe- eastern europe tour 2011 (Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary)

- Get my red P's
- Get my green P's
- Be on full license
Have my first driving lesson  (4 lessons done - 9hrs down, 111 to go!)
- Accumulate 60 hrs of driving
- Win my first icon/banner contest
- Make my first icon
- Make my first banner
- Create/alter my first layout
- Write my first fanfiction
-Beta a fanfict 
- Start watching a new T.V. show  ( lists current ones at bottom post) ( Rizzoli & Isles.. loving it after just 1 ep) 
- Write a letter to someone abroad
- Spend a whole day online
- Spend a whole day in bed
- Get my own dog/cat/rabbit (havent really decided)
- Have my picture taken with a celebrity
- Meet all the celebrities from my favourite shows
- Make a snowman
- Go to a concert
- Meet someone from my flist
- Learn to knit
- Get over the past P's ( P1, P2, P3)
- Increase my vocabulary
- Have all the DVD's from my favourite shows (*from begining to the end*) - Bones, Castle, White Collar, Criminal Minds, Gossip Girl?
- Go to an BND event (* ball, outside event*)  
- Read Heat Wave, Naked Heat
- Read all Kathy Reichs Books...
- Play the bones drinking game
- Go for a sporting event
- Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge

- Eat more salad
- Drink at least 5 glasses of water a day
- Go swimming
- Become a health junkie & not eat chips in present of my fellow Dietetics friends for a week (*more apples, less chips*) ( /5 )
- Exercise

* T.V. shows currently watching: Bones, Castle, Supernatural, Gossip Girl, NCIS, CSI, CSI Miami, CSI NY, Law & Order, Law & Order CI, Law & Order SVU , Criminal Minds, Offspring, White collar.. among many more 

Total done so far : 4

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