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25 February 2014 @ 07:39 pm
Jobs & Employment... what is the real issue?  

With unemployment levels continuing to rise, it makes me wonder why this is? I know there are the obvious ones such as not wanting to look, age (being too young or old), your location and the opportunities. But what about those that do not fall into this category, people like me?

Ever since I have known, I have not been able to get a job. I never had summer jobs through high school, only doing the compulsory work experience in Year 10 and for a week. Fast forward to 2014 ; I have only had a few jobs and have not held onto these for long. Maybe you think that the reason is that I have not been applying. Well I can tell you that is definitely not the case. Subscribed to the daily posts from job seeking websites, I receive thousands of job opportunities straight to my inbox that suit what I am interested in. Picking close to 10 a day, and apply to these.

So if that is not the reason.. then what is?

I believe the issue is faith and having faith that someone has the skills to do a job. When we write a cover letter or talk about our skills in our resumes, we need to back them up. So what happens when someone does not have any experience to show that those skills exist, that they are actually good at what they say they are?  It is difficult, and I believe that most employers just ignore it and move on.

How are people meant to prove it, if they have no opportunities to do so? I think that most people look for those experienced on paper because it is easier and in most cases simpler to do so. But, how does experience on paper correlate to experience in the real world? Just because someone has experience, how do you know that they would fit well into the position and the company? How would you know if the person with little to no experience would not be the best fit?

It's a bit like a new singer who is looking for someone to record their single or album. Without being given that chance, how would you know that their music is good or not? The only way is what I have said above. To give them a chance ; to record a single, put it on the sound waves and wait for social media, numbers of radio plays and count the number of downloads. I mean this is how some of the best groups and singers started off. It is how all start of as, looking for that break. In today's society there are other ways now. Youtube etc, to get yourself and your music out there.

I know that all of us are not singers ( I know I am not). But it is the same idea ; the same issues. Employers need to have faith. To allow those with little to no experience to have a chance, a trial or an opportunity to show those skills that they have eloquently written down. They may be not lying!

I recently joined a website which allows people to work online from their home. The same issues seem to be popping up with this too. The issues of:

  • Experience: A level 1 person could be so experienced and perfect for the job writing their experience and why they are best in their proposal but the person chooses someone with experience. With feedback and comments about their work.

  • The issue of cost: Maybe a level 1 person could put their cost down as a way of saying "give me a chance, an opportunity" but most of the time that is not the case either. People would rather pay more money for the experience.

It all seems to boil down to experience. If that is the case, how can people get opportunities? How can those who have never worked all their life, get an opportunity to work in something that they are passionate about.

We all need to be given the benefit of the doubt. Let that benefit guide the possibility of giving future opportunities. I know that sometimes it is a little bit of luck and how you write about yourself. For most that is all they are riding on. Luck, faith, chance!

Can't everyone believe in a little thing called chance? Give people that chance, and maybe uncover someone with amazing skills.

Krish xx

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