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25 February 2014 @ 07:39 pm

With unemployment levels continuing to rise, it makes me wonder why this is? I know there are the obvious ones such as not wanting to look, age (being too young or old), your location and the opportunities. But what about those that do not fall into this category, people like me?

Ever since I have known, I have not been able to get a job. I never had summer jobs through high school, only doing the compulsory work experience in Year 10 and for a week. Fast forward to 2014 ; I have only had a few jobs and have not held onto these for long. Maybe you think that the reason is that I have not been applying. Well I can tell you that is definitely not the case. Subscribed to the daily posts from job seeking websites, I receive thousands of job opportunities straight to my inbox that suit what I am interested in. Picking close to 10 a day, and apply to these.

So if that is not the reason.. then what is?

I believe the issue is faith and having faith that someone has the skills to do a job. When we write a cover letter or talk about our skills in our resumes, we need to back them up. So what happens when someone does not have any experience to show that those skills exist, that they are actually good at what they say they are?  It is difficult, and I believe that most employers just ignore it and move on.

How are people meant to prove it, if they have no opportunities to do so? I think that most people look for those experienced on paper because it is easier and in most cases simpler to do so. But, how does experience on paper correlate to experience in the real world? Just because someone has experience, how do you know that they would fit well into the position and the company? How would you know if the person with little to no experience would not be the best fit?

It's a bit like a new singer who is looking for someone to record their single or album. Without being given that chance, how would you know that their music is good or not? The only way is what I have said above. To give them a chance ; to record a single, put it on the sound waves and wait for social media, numbers of radio plays and count the number of downloads. I mean this is how some of the best groups and singers started off. It is how all start of as, looking for that break. In today's society there are other ways now. Youtube etc, to get yourself and your music out there.

I know that all of us are not singers ( I know I am not). But it is the same idea ; the same issues. Employers need to have faith. To allow those with little to no experience to have a chance, a trial or an opportunity to show those skills that they have eloquently written down. They may be not lying!

I recently joined a website which allows people to work online from their home. The same issues seem to be popping up with this too. The issues of:

  • Experience: A level 1 person could be so experienced and perfect for the job writing their experience and why they are best in their proposal but the person chooses someone with experience. With feedback and comments about their work.

  • The issue of cost: Maybe a level 1 person could put their cost down as a way of saying "give me a chance, an opportunity" but most of the time that is not the case either. People would rather pay more money for the experience.

It all seems to boil down to experience. If that is the case, how can people get opportunities? How can those who have never worked all their life, get an opportunity to work in something that they are passionate about.

We all need to be given the benefit of the doubt. Let that benefit guide the possibility of giving future opportunities. I know that sometimes it is a little bit of luck and how you write about yourself. For most that is all they are riding on. Luck, faith, chance!

Can't everyone believe in a little thing called chance? Give people that chance, and maybe uncover someone with amazing skills.

Krish xx

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20 June 2012 @ 06:31 pm

So it really is the official holidays ; 1 month before second semester of university begins. The weather down in Melbourne is freezing and I dont think I can take it much longer. To leave the house i'm now wearing more layers than ever before and even then I'm freezing to death. Literally. Thank goodness I'm jetsetting off to somewhere warm in a couple of days time. In the mean time I'm working as if I was still in the middle semester - i'm helping my mum with my sister's 18th. Making all that finger food is so tiring and difficult. Argghhh! She's just so busy with school and university applications that it seems like i'm doing all the work. What do I get out of it?...nothing really except to eat some food.

The only really good thing is that I got to experience an earthquake. The biggest earthquake to hit Victoria in 100 years. A definately monumental event that I would have kicked myself for missing because the probability of experiencing one that strong again or at all is probably quite low. 5.5 on the scale. I find it hilarious that among all this, facebook reports news before the actual news. It seems that we all flocked to facebook with posts such as 'did i experience an earthquake' or 'was that an earthquake'. Clearly facebook is the best way to report news from now on.!

[T.V - hits and misses...]

Since i'm going away i've been trying to catch up with all the t.v. shows that i'll miss. Looking at a post a year ago that I had I listed all the t.v. shows that I watch, it seems so much has changed. To give a little recap: * T.V. shows currently watching: Bones, Castle, Supernatural, Gossip Girl, NCIS, CSI, CSI Miami, CSI NY, Law & Order, Law & Order CI, Law & Order SVU , Criminal Minds, Offspring, White collar.. among many more 

Things have definately changed since then... For one I dont watch Supernatural or NCIS at all anymore. Once I missed so much in Year 12, I havent had a reason to go back and watch especially with all these new shows. This is the same as the CSI franchise. If anything the only one that I'd like to go back and watch is the NY one. Through it all it has remained my favourite. Since the last post Law and Order and Law and Order CI have been cancelled which leaves SVU as the only one remaining. I would love to go back one day and watch all of them. I never saw any of the begining ones which is a shame because this show is definately amazing to me.

So cutting out all that no longer exist or no longer being watched I currently watch: Bones, Castle, Gossip Girl (final season - after that one less show), CSI NY, Law and Order SVU, Criminal Minds, Offspring, White Collar, Glee, Body of Proof. Since then I've also started a few new shows Covert Affairs, Once Upon a Time and Revenge. I got to Revenge a little too late, but i'd love to catch up before September when all the shows start again. I want to at some point watch Pretty Little Liars, Rizzoli and Isles as well, as they both seem really interesting.. however I can never find the time. Urgghhh! I may also want to finish House and Greys Anatomy at some point as well. Too many shows too little time...

The issue is that with the difference between airing in US and Australia I get so confused as to whether I've seen something or not. I think that sometimes it is better to watch online or download. Sharing internet data with 3 other people in the house its hard to be able to watch things online. Furthermore for some bizzare unknown reason a show starts and then suddently dissapears of air. I dont understand why they do that - if your going to air a show run the full season and not halfway or at least with some notice would be nice!

If I ever find time amongst my busy life i'd love to do the following:

  • Watch Season 3 of White Collar. Season 4 starts in July, but with me gone i'm not going to finish in time
  • Watch Season 1 of Revenge
  • Rewatch Season 1 & 2 of Covert Affairs - 1 , 2 (renewed season 3)
  • Watch Season 1 & 2 of Rizzoli & Isles - 1 , 2 (currently season 3)
  • Rewatch Criminal Minds (Season 1 -7) - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (renewed season 8)
  • Start rewatching SVU from Season 1  - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 (renewed season 13)
  • Watch the end of House -  6, 7, 8
  • Rewatch CSI NY from begining- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (renewed season 9)
  • Get watching Greys Anatomy - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (renewed season 9)
  • Pretty little Liars.- 1, 2, (currently season 3)
  • Gossip Girl - Season 5 & 6

Looks like im going to be in hunt for a good DVD store... xx

Krish xx

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18 June 2012 @ 06:19 pm

Everyone has some sort of superstitions in their life, whether it be the usual not walking under ladders or a little strange and different. It keeps us alive and going, and thought it seems crazy we hold onto these superstitions because they are what we believe in! There's always a reason for why....
Recently i've realised that I hold many supersitions related to my exams. I am definately not a superstitious person or believe in the bad luck you would get if you stepped on cracks or walked under ladders (even if i may do it for fun). However, these things that I do always seem to work. I think that I do better if I follow these, and if I dont (which i've tried) I seem to do worse in my exams than I would want. Maybe its because I dont know my content or what, but it seems to work. There may be higher powers out there... or maybe not? I guess the unknown remains unknown....

[Are you superstitious?]

1. A couple of days before my exam I can't be distracted by music. Music of any kind. Whether it be my sister strumming along on her electric guitar, music on the t.v. or my mp3 player on the way to the venue is a no. My mind needs to be peaceful and filled with endless information. I feel that if I listen to music as I have done in the past, that all the information dissapears somehow.

2. I must wear the same clothes that i've been studying in. Not the exact same clothes but of similar items. I can add or subtract but the essentially same clothes must present. Bizzare or not I think that the information absorbs onto the clothes and just helps me somehow.

3. No T.V! Like the music I cannot have any distractions. Depending on the time of the exam, I spend most of the day eating in silence reading my notes.

4. I must take my notes on the buses to the exam. I feel slightly awkward without taking it. Maybe its a security blanket but I dont understand how people can just sit and be so calm listening to music etc, while i'm reading away. Maybe I feel that I will learn something in the last hrs or so before the exam that maybe useful.

5. No social media usage the night before the exam and the day of the exam (depending on morning/afternoon). The only social media I use is my uni emails and our facebook page which people post questions. By answering them I test my knowledge.

So here are my exam superstitions. Dr Brennan always says there are no such things as coincidences but when I do follow these magical things happen to my grades. Maybe there is a scientific explanation for it... there always is a scientific explanation right?
They are a little crazy, but maybe you have your own ones... ones that you'd want to share!

Krish xx

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12 June 2012 @ 06:41 pm

It's the day before my first exam and I find myself here because

1. im so bored of studying 

2. I haven't been on here for a while.

In terms of reaching my three goals for the year... it seems that they are not going to plan very well.

1. To be up to date with my studying and notes this semester - Well I guess that was not handled very well. White I did actually get to revising a lot earlier that previous semesters, I still was writing notes etc up till about 3 days ago for my first subject and am still going for my second. Barely studied for the second which is 4 days after the one tommorow. So for this one its definately a FAIL! With only one subject next semester - maybe I can be, but I feel like it would be cheating. Maybe it can extend to keeping track on assignments and projects as well. :) It would make it a little more difficult then.


2. Getting a job on my own: Well my last job was the election, a while back. Since then I did have a job working at Rivers in Chadstone but lost that one when the shop closed. A two month period - I would consider that a goal completed though im not currently working. I guess the goal will therefore continue on and have myself find a new job to work at during Christmas onwards.. ie. something a little more permanent.

GOAL SUCCESSFUL (but still continuing)

3. Meeting new people and hanging out more (instead of being home): Well that one also has flopped a little too. Started off well, and then after a string of events I have found myself home again. I think it could definately be better during holidays when there is not an issue with timetables, coordinating, assignmenting etc. The fact that i'm not at uni campus anymore makes it difficult to see people from other courses. We've been moved out to a little place elsewhere close to campus but do not have enough time to get there and back (30 min - is it worth it?)


Lets hope than in 12 months time, I fiind myself with the three goals being successful :) Wishing me luck in my exams, anyone?


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11 March 2011 @ 10:41 am

So I have been using lj cuts for a little bit now and they seem to be working.. however today "right now" im trying to do one for spoilers on one of the comms (206-bones) and it simply doesnt work....

They were really good spoilers but I cant seem to do it properly.. I'll try one now to prove it for you. This is just an example

The end for one.. .Collapse )

But I bet you that you will see this above bit in your viewing of my post. ANY suggestions?? 
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16 February 2011 @ 11:49 am
So after commenting on a_lot_of_heart about spoilers and lj cuts I thought I would try one in this post. For those who may not know, Australia is way behind atm in both Bones & Castle. We've only just passed 'The doctor in the photo' for Bones *which i might say was amazing* and Season 3 ep 2 in Castle. Its pretty crazy that its just English to English and yet we cant get it straightaway. :(

So I thought today I would talk about the techniques that ive used to cope with the withdrawl symptoms of Bones & Castle.
Bones...Collapse )

Castles...Collapse )

One thing the writers should do for Bones is definately bring back Sully. Throw a big spanner in the works for their B&B relationship, and its progression. It will definately get them back to their good writing skills, before this season had begun.. *not to say its not getting better now* :) But also not to mention that I'm looking forward to the chemistry between Castle & Beckett as well, through reading the spoilers. Its going to be a blast!!

EDIT: Thanks peace_and_war for pointing out the lj cut button. How could I possibly live without you.. :P
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07 December 2010 @ 11:14 am
So Since creating the bucket list (earlier post), I have completed a couple of things from the list which i am quite proud of myself!!

1. I started watching a new show.. Rizzoli & Isles which i am quite enjoying atm. Two episodes in and it looks like something that im going to stay hooked on for a while.. and another show to stay round until the end.. :) 

2. I got my first HD for a university subject!! Its like the highest grade you can get but its from 80-100% so i may not seem so good. However considering the fact that this subject was the one that i didnt do anything throughout the whole semester and crammed just before final exams paid off. It might be my new study technique.. although for 4 subjects it may not be the best thing especially with anatomy and all the other scientific things that I must learn. :) 

09 November 2010 @ 10:55 am

Have finished my exams (*thank goodness*) so it means for the next 3 months I am offically free..!! I thought this should be one of the first things I do. 

I saw this meme on credit: <lj user ="madpyschogirl"> and thought it was so amazing so much so that I thought I would make my own one. It is a little like a bucket list consisting of things that I want to do  before I die,

If like this = completed

- Fall in love with someone
- Kiss someone in the rain
- Get married (*at some point in time)

- Not miss a lecture the whole semester 
- Get a Job besides my mum's place   VEC (election officer assistant) even though its only for one election
Get a job for at least a solid 2 months  Rivers Chadstone Jan 2012-March 2012  
- Get a job abroad
- Learn a new skill
- Get my first HD for any subject (Semester 2 , 2010 Food Chemistry)
- Start my career
- Not cram for my exams for one semester of subjects
- Not cram for subjects for all subjects till end of the course

- Go on a Road Trip 
- Swim in the sea 
- Visit the Beach 
- See all 50 states of America
- Vist a country on every contient besides Antartica: Asia- heaps, Africa- None, South America- None, North America- None, Australia- its where I live of course, Europe- eastern europe tour 2011 (Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary)

- Get my red P's
- Get my green P's
- Be on full license
Have my first driving lesson  (4 lessons done - 9hrs down, 111 to go!)
- Accumulate 60 hrs of driving
- Win my first icon/banner contest
- Make my first icon
- Make my first banner
- Create/alter my first layout
- Write my first fanfiction
-Beta a fanfict 
- Start watching a new T.V. show  ( lists current ones at bottom post) ( Rizzoli & Isles.. loving it after just 1 ep) 
- Write a letter to someone abroad
- Spend a whole day online
- Spend a whole day in bed
- Get my own dog/cat/rabbit (havent really decided)
- Have my picture taken with a celebrity
- Meet all the celebrities from my favourite shows
- Make a snowman
- Go to a concert
- Meet someone from my flist
- Learn to knit
- Get over the past P's ( P1, P2, P3)
- Increase my vocabulary
- Have all the DVD's from my favourite shows (*from begining to the end*) - Bones, Castle, White Collar, Criminal Minds, Gossip Girl?
- Go to an BND event (* ball, outside event*)  
- Read Heat Wave, Naked Heat
- Read all Kathy Reichs Books...
- Play the bones drinking game
- Go for a sporting event
- Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge

- Eat more salad
- Drink at least 5 glasses of water a day
- Go swimming
- Become a health junkie & not eat chips in present of my fellow Dietetics friends for a week (*more apples, less chips*) ( /5 )
- Exercise

* T.V. shows currently watching: Bones, Castle, Supernatural, Gossip Girl, NCIS, CSI, CSI Miami, CSI NY, Law & Order, Law & Order CI, Law & Order SVU , Criminal Minds, Offspring, White collar.. among many more 

Total done so far : 4

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Im not sure if castles & horses go hand in hand but it did sound good as a subject title. Anyway this isnt a medieval like story of some kind, but of two seperate topics ; Castle (t.v. show ) which we all &hearts; and horses. :P

I will begin with castle since well its what im more concerned about i suppose & will make the many castle fans quite happy.
During my random web searches on castle to see what was in store for season 3 which seems like a great one, which i cant wait for i stumbled along the fact that ABC a t.v. coorperation have decided  created a book  (two books) that were mentioned in the series ie. the Nikki heat novels. When reading this i couldnt believe my eyes.. but in fact its true. Being such a long time lover of this show from its roots, i was so ashamed of myself & the fact that i didnt know this..
What i did want to know is if anyone has read these books yet & if it was worth it to get for a present. I cant seem to find it anywhere in Aus libraries *shame on Australia* but i wanted to find out if anyone has read or bought it yet.!! Before I do get anyones hopes up it is only 10 chapters.. and it isnt really his story. more a dedication i suppose, but i did want to know what everyone did think about it still. All opinions welcome!

& now onto the horses.
So for those who didnt know/ dont know tommorow being the first tues in November we have the annual Melbourne cup. It is 'SUPPOSED' to be the RACE THAT STOPS THE NATION!!
However, for the first year in my life its not going to be. This year i will be doing my second exam (Biostatistics & epidemiology) which will runn through the time that the race occurs. I guess what doesnt make this better is the fact that the exams are run in huge hall areas at another racecourse where racing events do occur each year in the spring. Ah i shoudnt complain though, but I do wish it was like Year 12 exams when they  did care about you & didnt make exams on that day. I guess I have to learn that life isnt always going to be the way you want it.. According to my mum.. there could be many more to come!. Why should I be even complaining.. its not like its just me, there are others doing it too. Guess I shouldnt be complaining like I am!.  There is always firsts for everything... like this & when i make my first banner/icon!.

I havent made a banner/icon before in my life *probably its quite sad too*  probably confounded by the fact that i dont have photoshop yet!! i will be though, sometime next year & was hoping that someone would lead me somewhere to really basic creation of banners & icons (nothing with selective colouring etc). Who knows.. maybe i will be creating my own work in the not so distant future.. & you will be seeing them everywhere!!

KK & hearts
1st November 2010
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26 October 2010 @ 09:31 am
It's been a while since ive used this thing.. quite awkward really but its the first post of a line of many derived from my new laptop (my birthday present for this year)

A signal of my birthday is always that exams are around the corner & the usual cramming session begins trying to understand all this information SO quickly before the final exam hoping that you remember it on the day, writting endless reams of notes to not even possibly read, sitting in front of the computer typing out notes only not to realise that you will ever get to read it. Never making it to the practice exams if they are even present.

The presence of OMG im so screwed words floating around the wavelengths or that the stress of cramming is killing you is imminent, but how come some people more than others feel/experience such feelings? How do some seem so calm about exams while others dont? Maybe its the way we push ourselves, or our goals & what we are aiming to do. Or is it that we picture ourselves doing the exam, answering every question perfectly & finishing even early!

For me this exam is falling away, im drowning in the information feeling like im falling off a cliff into the edge. Not to make this worse, is the countless premieres of my favourite shows & the tossing between t.v. & study. Slumming on the couch for nights ahead is not the best idea during this time, and yet here i am sitting infront of the T.V. watching new Gossip Girl even though were a whole season behind!

So, before exams officially begin on Friday,
Goodbye & wishing myself luck :)

Fantasy Notes

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